Ayigboe fishing community is smelling. The odour in the  atmosphere is diesel-like. A community member, Mary Okronipa says they have seen a container that was washed ashore early hours this morning Tuesday 16th but the community was scared and could not go closer to the container. Around this afternoon,  the container disappeared only to see the colour of the sea changed to black. It is suspected that, the container contains dirty oil which got damaged due to the high tides that keeps hitting it. The oil keeps spreading from coast to coat. Ayigboe is in the Ada East District in the Greater Accra Region. 

Noah Dameh-Ada Foah





The senior medical officer for Ada District hospital at Faithkope wants the citizens of Ada to claim ownership of the facility. The hospital is a Government hospital and it belong to the people of Ada, I am happy anytime I see indigenous people of Ada donating to the hospital . Dr. Philip Narh, the senior medical officer made the remark when Mr. Charles Teye Maccarthy donate to the hospital on Monday, 15 . Mr. Charles Maccarthy was among the contestants of the NDC parliamentary primaries in the Ada Constituency. He gave an amount of six hundred cedis (Ghc 600.00) was released to pay the debts of patients who can not afford to pay their medical bills. In addition, Mr. Maccarthy preseented drugs, lavatories, water, bandages, sugar, Milo, milk and other food items to the patients and the hospital staff. During the presentation, he said it is his wish to help the peoples of Ada through health promotion because a healthy nation is a productive nation. Dr. Philip Narh in his appreciation said the money will rather be used to purchase equipments for the facility to benefit a larger populace . Mr. Charles Maccarthy also interacted with some patients at the facility after the presentation

 There was an eavesdrop that, the Ada District hospital has no special ward and electricity bill have accumulated since the introduction of health insurance scheme because the system has not taken care of electricity and water even though patients who access the facility with health insurance cards use electricity and water when they are admitted.

Noah Dameh/Amanor Dzeagu-Ada




October 5, 2017 Mr. Theophilus Tetteh Ocansey represented Hon. Doyoe Cudjoe Ghansah, MP for Ada in a community durbar at Kwalaakpoyom in the Ada East District. Mr. Tetteh Occansey responded to concerns of Kwalaakpoyom and its naighbourring communities on water and sanitation. The MP’s representative, Mr. Occansey was sharp to assure the people that, the MP has secured some money and will use it to provide the community with treated water. On that day, Mr. Ocansey told the gathering that the project will start  in a week time The District planning officer, Mr Awal Mohammed in his turn told the gathering, it is the wish of the assembly to make the water project a priority but the assembly is financially disabled due to the numerous demands from the commmunities.Later in a radio disccussion, the MP admitted that she was in a process of providing wholesome water to Kwalaakpoyom with immediate effect but procurement processes has delayed the project. During a community engagement with the people of Kwalaakpoyom, they said their priority is portable water before anything else. The community members say, the MP, Hon. Doyoe Cudjoe Ghansah has sunk a borehole for the community but the water was salty. They also said one of the candidates that contested the NDC parliamentary seat in 2016 at Ada Constituency, Mr. Charles Maccarthy also donated one hundred PVC pipes to the community but his effort to provide the community with water came to a halted after he lost to the incumbent MP. The assemblyman for the area Hon. Henry Teye Akwada said.The MP, Hon. Doyoe Cudjoe Ghansah on Thursday 11, 2018 has procured four hundred and ninety pieces of 2 inches PVC pressure pipes from interplast company to start extension of water from Obane to Kwalaakpoyom and the nearby communities.  The pipes are with 50 milliliters radius and 20feets in length. The community members upon hearing that the PVC pipes for their project has arrived, they trooped to the off-loading point to assist in the off-loading, inventory and packing. Members of the children’s well being committee expressed lost of confidence in the MP and her representative when their promise could not materialised for the past three months instead of the one week theyvpromised. “We thought the promise was one of the political talks, but the arrival of the pipes has given us reassurance and we regained our confidence in the MP” The children’s well-being committee members remarked.

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Until government of Ghana prohibits the mechanical sand winners near the Asutsuare metal bridge, the state will continue to waste money in maintenance work on the bridge. A form of galasey has surfaced at Asitsuare where some foreigners are using heavey duty machines to win large quantity of sand in the River Volta lake at Asutsuare in the Shai-Osudoku District. This is few metres from the metal bridge. The tipper trucks Curt the sand across the bridge to Asutsuare and its adjoining communities. Community members attribute the deplorable state of the bridge as a result of the tipper trucks that Curt the sand across the bridge. Exactly a year now, I wrote an article that, Asutsuare bridge is waing to kill. TV3 picked up the story and telecast even though I was not given the credit but they have ameliorated my concern to have the bridge repaired. A contractor rushed to the site to have the damaged portions repaired. It is not clear whether the contractor had done shoddy work but the residents say, it is as a result of the heavy trucks that crossed with sand. They suggest that, a system must be put in place to load the trucks after the bridge to avoid crossing it. Bellow is thebcurrent state of the bridge that was repaired exactly one year now. 

Noah Dameh- Asutsuare




The President and members of Ada traditional council have finally accepted Nomo Patrick Agudey Obichere as the substantive Mankralo of Ada traditional area. Momo Patrick Agudey Obichere now holds a stool name NENE AGUDEY OBICHERE III, Mankralo for Ada and legitimate member of the Ada traditional council. By the tenets of the traditional council, Mankralo presides over proceedings of the traditional council in the absence of the Paramount chief. In the political parlance, He will be called the vice President. This is contained in page 244, the making of Ada by C.O.C. AmarteyNene Ada’s Lindquist in red cloth holding the hands of the Mankralo during the introduction and acceptance ceremony by the president of the Ada traditional council, Nene Abram Kabu Akuaku III. 

BACKGROUNDThere was a long standing dispute as to which of three gates is entitled to nominate and install the Mankralo of Ada in consonance with the procedures laid down by tradition and custom of the Ada people of the Greater Accra Region of the Republic of Ghana. Several Committees were set up with the view to resolving the dispute at the Ada Traditional council but to no avail. The ATC passed a resolution to send the issue to the Greater Accra Regional House of Chiefs at Dodowa. The parties to the dispute finally submitted to Arbitration in respect of the dispute at Dodowa and the arbitral award was to the effect that the Mankralo position could be ascended to by the Numodah Gate and the Agudey Kuntu Gate in rotation commencing with the Numodah Gate. Subsequent to the Arbitral award, a petition was brought before the ATC to set aside the Arbitral Award. After an application to set aside the petition was dismissed, the Numodah Gate applied to the High Court for Judicial Review. The High Court in Tema quashed the decision of the Judicial Committee of the ATC and prohibited it from hearing the petition. An appeal against the decision of the High Court was dismissed by the Court of Appeal on the 24th of July, 2014 which has not been appealed against. The Kuntu Gate, again, brought a fresh petition filed on 29th May 2015 before the ATC seeking the same reliefs as the previous to which the Judicial Council of the once again ruled to rehear the case in spite of the Appeal Court decision not to allow a rehearing. Whilst the Numodah gate was awaiting the ruling of the second decision to rehear the case, the ATC was making preparations to hurriedly admit the candidate from the Kuntu Gate in the Council. All attempts by the Numodah Gate to scuttle that move and did not yield any the expected result. Upon the receipt of the ATC decision to rehear the case, the Numodah Gate went to the High Court in Accra for a Judicial Review which on the 27th of January 2017 rejected the admission of the Kuntu Candidate into the ATC as being in disregard of statutes and decisional law and without legal basis. The Court went ahead to quash the decision of the Judicial Committee of the ATC and ordered it to admit candidate from the Numodah Gate. This order of the High Court was challenged at the Appeal Court. On the 7th December, 2017, the Appeal Court dismissed the application from the Kuntu Gate and upheld the decision of the High Court. In a telephone conversation with the mankralo after his induction, He said the success is for both gates because they are to ascend the throne on rotational basis “It is our togetherness that we can help develop Ada” Mankralo Obichere III remarked. Nene Obuapong of Adibiawe congratulating the newly accepted Mankralo of Ada state. 

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The mission of the association is to contribute their widow’s might, put it in a pool for the developmental aspirations of the community. The youth group achieves this through annual harvest 

Saturday 6, has been  2018 edition. The invitation has been catapaulted across the lenght and breath of the traditional area. It is not the quantity of guest but the quality of the attendants is what matters. The programme brought together the Paramount Chief of Osudoku, Nene Aadegbor Ngmongmowuyaa Kwesi Animle VI, the district chief executive for Shai-Osudoku, Hon. Daniel Akufo, Nene Terkpertey Omersu V of Asutuare and other equally important dignitaries . In a welcome address read by the President of the association, Mr. Prince Animle said, the youth wants to be proactive in solving their problems whiles the community awaits their share from the Government. Enumerating their supports to the community, Mr. Animle said they have been able to purchased one hundred plastic chairs and twelve rooms of canopy for use by the community. In addition, they have provided community information center (compass) to facilitate information sharing. Currently, Tokpo-Osudoku Youth ( TOYA) are moulding cement blocks to start construction of toilet facility for the community to curb free range system. He told the gathering that, they will fight tooth and nail to have the project commissioned in the year 2019 . Construction of a youth centre, according to Mr. Animle is being consided. On behalf of the association, He appealed to the Shai-Osudoku district assembly, the traditional council and all corporate entities to consider their vision to make their dreams a success. He also used the opportunity to congratulate Nene ngmongmowuyaa Kwesi Animle VI for his enstoolment as Paramount chief for Osudoku Traditional Area and his appointment as the chairman for the judicial committee of the greater Accra Regional house of chiefs. Mr. Prince Animle ask all sons and daughters of Osudoku to reach the public Relations officer of the association, Mr. Simon Animley by email: or telephone +233242557937

Nene Animle in his address call on all citizens of Osudoku to remain united. “Tokpo remains the seat of Animle’s stool and there is the need for all Tokpo descendants to support the paramountcy. I am just a leader but you are the Paramount Chief. You need to embrace this so that, we can all develop the Osudoku state” 

Nene ngmongmowuyaa urged the executives of the group to persuade others to join the association and that will speed up their planned development. He asked the gathering to contribute their quota when itcome to mobilizing funds for a developmental projects. He finally support the youth with $200. In total, a sum of eight thousand,eight hundred cedis Ghc 8,800.00 was realized from the harvest. (aution sale) 

Noah Dameh-Tokpo




King Akuaku wants frequent interaction with religious bodies. He propose intersectional prayers every three month. Nene Abram Kabu Akuaku, the paramount chief for Ada Traditional Area made the call when Christian Council of Churches engaged with the paramountcy for new year prayer session . Leaders of the local council of churches have marked the year 2018 by praying with Nene Abram Kabu Akuaku III . This started from 6:00 to 7:00 am at his residence Big Ada on Monday January 1, 2018. 

Praying for Nene Ada has been a yearly ritual by the unbrealla of churches in Ada. But Nene Akuaku in his message invites all religious bodies in his Traditional area to plan for intermittent prayer session with the paramountcy and other chiefs in the area. He said this will factor unity among the religious bodies and will erased the perception that, chiefs are idol worshipers. Nene Ada and his elders reciprocate the effort of the church council with new year souvenirs. 

Noah Dameh-Ada